Design Professional Posters with PowerPoint


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Course Benefits 课程亮点

This training is conducted in Chinese 中文


- Five design principles:make poster design simple
- 五大设计原则让海报设计简单一点

- Professional tips to help color matching with business sense
- 专业解读配色理论让配色不再眼花缭乱

- Unlock PPT magic functions comparable to PS
- 解锁PPT魔法技能即可媲美PS

Who should attend? 课程受众

- Employees who need make poster or design cover, but do not have enough time to learn Photo Shop systematically.

- Employees who want to learn design knowledge and improve the business sense in their daily visual works.

- 需要进行海报制作、封面设计,但没有充足时间系统学习PS的员工。

- 希望学习设计知识,提升日常工作作品中商务感的职场人士。

Course Outline 课程大纲

1. Five design principles 五大设计原则
1.1. Intimacy principle 亲密原则
1.2. Alignment principle 对齐原则
1.3. Blank principle 留白原则
1.4. Comparison principle 对比原则
1.5. Repetition principle 重复原则


2. Color matching tips 做个好“色”之徒
2.1. Professional interpretation of color matching theory 专业解读配色理论
2.2. Three color matching principle 三色搭配原则
2.3. Create one-color/ two-color gradients 打造单色和双色渐变


3. The sense of font 字体的气质
3.1. Font classification 字体分类
3.2. Font recommendation 字体推荐
3.3. Character transformation 文字变身


4. Unlock PPT magic functions 解锁PPT魔法技能


5. Practice: Make professional posters; Make an internal newsletter

综合练习:打造专业级海报 制作内部Newsletter



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