Cross Department Communication Skills

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Learning Objective 学习目标

Have you ever had conflicts with colleagues due to a lack of effective cross department communication skills? This comprehensive course provides you a systematic and in-depth look into all aspects of cross department communication. In this course, you will improve the understanding of cross department communication, enhance effective communication skills, deal with conflicts successfully and prepare productive meetings. It helps you elevate your relationships with colleagues from other departments and become a strong team player, a better listener and a more efficient problem solver.


Course Content  课程内容

Cross Department Communication Understanding  跨部门沟通的认知

  • Importance of cross department communication  跨部门沟通的重要性
  • Problems of cross department communication and its solutions  跨部门沟通存在的问题和解决建议

Effective Communication Skills  高效沟通的技巧

  • Positive communication characteristics  正面沟通的特点
  • Learn a communication model to increase workplace productivities  学习提升工作环境生产力的沟通模型
  • How to listen, ask questions and give quality feedback to build understanding and acceptance  如何聆听,发问及给予高质回应从而建立互谅及接纳

Conflict Management  冲突管理

  • Understand causes of conflicts in the workplace  工作场所发生冲突的各种原因
  • Conflict management style assessment: TKI Model  个人冲突管理风格评估: TKI模型
  • Causes of conflicts and assessment of conflict management style  发生冲突的各种原因和评估冲突管理风格
  • 6 steps to resolve conflicts  冲突解决的6个步骤

Meeting Management  会议管理

  • Preparation and communication of meetings  会议的准备与沟通
  • Common meeting problems and resolutions  一般跨部门会议的问题及其解决方案
  • Improve abilities to deal with difficult members  改善处理麻烦与会人员的能力


Target Group  参加对象

Managers and team leaders




Trainer  培训顾问

Mr. Alan LEE

  • Worked in a prestigious multinational manufacturer as Head of Engineering Department for 15 years  曾任职知名跨国生产型企业的工程部经理十五年,现为企业培训师及管理咨询师
  • Has been engaged in business, quality, engineering and customer services improvement for more than 30 years  一直致力于商务、质量、工程和客户服务的改善超过30多年
  • The Chairman of the Hong Kong Leadership Training Association for the years 1994 to 1997 and has been very active in the development of leadership training for the businesses in Hong Kong  曾担任香港领袖训练协会1994至1997年度的会长并为众多企业提供高级领导能力、决断沟通与谈判技巧、变革管理、顾员发展及辅导、监督管理技巧、团队建立、销售及顾客服务等方面的指导
  • Holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the National Cheng Kung University of Taiwan and a Master of Science Degree in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick, UK.  拥有台湾国立成功大学电机工程学士学位和英国华威大学的工程业务管理硕士学位

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