Core ideas and tools of project management 项目核心思维与工具

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一、 课程背景 Course Background

With the increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises can not meet the changing market demand only by maintaining the status quo of the executive system, so the project management is more and more valued by enterprises.
This course focuses on how to apply the tools and skills of project management to the actual project to solve the specific problems such as unclear scope, quality defects, schedule delay through case analysis, group discussion, trainee practice and other teaching methods. Quickly help the project managers improve their practical level.


二、 课程收益Course Benefits

1. 掌握项目管理核心思维;
2. 掌握精悍实用的项目管理工具;
3. 提升职业素养,解决实际问题
After the training, every trainee will be trained to have the following three abilities which are necessary for the project manager:
1. Master the core ideas of project management;
2. Master the powerful and practical project management tools;
3. Improve professional quality and solve practical problems


三、 受众对象 Target Group

1. 项目经理、项目团队成员
2. 项目的质量管理(QP、QA、QC)人员
3. 与项目相关的职能部门人员
1. Project manager, project team members
2. Project quality management (QP, QA, QC) personnel
3. Personnel of functional departments related to the project


四、 课程时长Course Duration

1天(7小时) 1Day(7 hours)


五、 课程内容 Course Outline

第一单元 一切皆项目
1. 什么是项目
2. 项目的特点
3. 商业价值的实现过程
4. 项目、人生、事业——一图了解项目管理全貌
Unit 1 Basic introduction
1. What is a project
2. Characteristics of the project
3. Realization process of business value
4. Project, life and career - a picture to understand the whole picture of project management

第二单元 项目管理平衡的艺术
1. 项目管理的定义
2. 项目思维工具:平衡的艺术管理管理项目制约因素
3. 情景剧:PM与“好变”的客户
Unit 2 The art of project management balance
1. Definition of project management
2. Project thinking tools: balanced constraints of art management projects
3. Practice: PM and changeable customers

第三单元 生命周期化繁为简
1. 生命周期
2. 项目阶段
3. 化繁为简的工具:声明周期模型开发
4. 动动手:画出你所在公司的项目生命周期模型
Unit 3 Project life cycle
1. Life cycle
2. Project stage

3. Tools for simplification: life cycle development model
4. Practice: draw the project life cycle model

第四单元 WBS发现魔鬼细节
1. 梳理项目范围的工具:工作分解结构
2. 分解的原则与方法
3. 资源和工作的分配工具:责任分配矩阵
4. 关于责任和受权
5. 实战应用:画出项目的WBS
6. 滚动式规划
Unit 4 Use WBS to find details
1. Tools to sort out project scope: Work Breakdown Structure
2. Principle and method of decomposition
3. Allocation tools of resources and work: responsibility allocation matrix
4. Responsibility and authorization
5. Practice: Draw WBS of the project
6. Rolling planning

第五单元 进度项目的节奏
1. 案例:一个“精确”的项目时间!
2. 规划进度的工具:关键路径法
3. 活动清单与里程碑清单
4. 活动属性
5. 紧前关系绘图法:PDM
6. 确定项目工期的工具:关键路径法
7. 课上练习:绘制项目的进度网络图,找出关键路径
8. 可视化项目进展的工具:里程碑图、甘特图、燃烧图
Unit 5 Project progress
1. Case: an "accurate" project time!
2. Tools for planning progress: critical path method
3. Activity list and milestone list
4. Activity attribute
5. Rlation drawing method: PDM
6. Tools for determining project duration: critical path method
7. Practice: draw the progress network diagram of the project and find out the key path
8. Tools for visualizing project progress: Milestone chart, Gantt chart, Combustion chart

第六单元 出问题了怎么办
Unit 6 Problem solving
1. 防患于未然的工具:风险应对四法
2. 解决问题的思维:戴明公式
3. 解决问题的工具:鱼骨图、思维导图、检查单、亲和图
4. 小组讨论:关于“变更”的哪些事
5. 变更管理的流程“九阴真经”与工具
6. 案例:某公司变更管理流程
1. Preventive tools: four methods of risk response
2. Problem solving thinking: Dai Ming formula
3. Problem solving tools: fishbone diagram, mind map, checklist, Affinity Diagram
4. Group discussion: "change"
5. Change management process and tools
6. Practice: change management process of a company



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