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Learning Objective 学习目标

In the VUCA world, business environment becomes more and more complicated, talents are now the key to the competition. It is essential for enterprises to motivate the initiatives of employees and unlock their potentials, further develop their competency in human resource management. With the new trend, leadership coaching is now of increasing importance in corporate management. Coaching skills can not only develop leaders' own leadership styles, meanwhile, enhance themselves and support employees to do inward learning, self-reflection, limitation clarifications and blind spot explorations.

VUCA时代带来了复杂的商业环境,人才成为企业之间竞争的关键。激发员工的积极性, "引爆"其内在潜力,以人力资源打造竞争优势,成为企业管理的新风潮。在这一背景下,教练式领导力日渐盛行。教练有如一面镜子,他的目的不是指导对方做什么,而是让对方看到自己的现状,心智模式,看到自己跟目标的关系,以及限制达成目标的障碍。教练会挖掘对方限制性的障碍,并鼓励其积极调整心态修正行动,最终实现目标。


Course Content 课程内容

What is Coaching? 教练是什么

  • The origin of Coach 教练(Coach)一词的来源
  • ICF coaching definition ICF教练定义
  • Coaching leadership 教练式领导力定义
  • 6 leadership styles 6种领导力风格
  • Coaching conversation 教练式辅导/对话

Future Trends in Leadership Development 领导力发展未来趋势

  • Horizontal development 横向发展
  • Knowledge and skills 增加知识和技能
  • Problem-oriented solution 以问题为中心的解决方案
  • Application technologies 应用技术专长
  • Vertical development 纵向发展
  • Thinking and mindset 扩展思维能力
  • Result-oriented adaptability 以结果为中心的适应性
  • Flexibility 更多选择和灵活性

5 Key Factors of Coaching 教练关键5要素

  • RACSR framework (Relationship, Assessment, Challenge, Support and Results) RACSR框架(关系、评估、挑战、支持、成果)

Coaching Skills 教练技术

  • Core competencies: listening, questioning and feedback 核心能力 – 倾听、提问、反馈
  • Coaching conversation process 教练对话流程
  • 3 factors of high-quality coaching 高质量教练对话三要素

Target Group 参加对象

Management personnel such as general managers, chief/mid-management teams, etc. and those who want to improve leadership skills


Detailed Schedule 具体时间

14:00 - 17:00, 6-7 July
14:00 – 17:00,7月6-7日



Ms. Surina WANG



  • Accredited Professional Certificated Coach by ICF 国际教练联合会专业认证教练(PCC)
  • Evidence-Based Coach by Fielding Graduate University 美国菲尔丁研究院『循证辅导evidence-based』认证教练
  • Certified to administer assessment tools such as Hogan, DISC and Facet5 专业心理测评体系Hogan、DISC、360反馈、Facet5等的认证咨询师

Ms. Surina Wang is a global coach for Coach A (one of the world’s largest coaching firms) and Coach Trainer with During 2013 to 2017, she assumed the role of VP and Ambassador for ICF Shanghai Chapter to have promoted quality coaching to maintain the highest standard in ICF and the coaching industry. Surina has accumulated over 20 years of human resources and consulting management related work experience in Greater China region. The companies she used to work with including APP China, Horton International, JP Morgan Fleming Taiwan Group, ING Baring Securities, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, UBS, Bank of America and Coca-Cola Taiwan Ltd.

王女士是Coach A(世界最大专业教练机构)的全球高管教练及『前程无忧』的签约教练培训师;她曾于2013-2017担任国际教练联合会的上海分会委员会副主席及大使,协助推广ICF推崇的优质教练、维持并提高教练专业的标准和执业水平。她从事外资企业人力资源及咨询顾问相关行业20余年,致力于企业高管教练及教练技术培训工作数年,专长领域为领导力发展、职业规划及人生导师。王女士曾就职于数家著名的国际金融机构及企业,全面负责人力资源规划和管理,包括APP金光集团、豪登国际咨询、美国摩根富林明证券、英国ING霸菱证券、加拿大帝国银行、瑞士银行、美国银行以及可口可乐台湾分公司。




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