AI Mastery: Advanced Levels

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Course Introduction

This AI mastery course spans over a duration of 3 hours, divided into 3 insightful chapters, and includes 2 on-site practical exercises that will help you get hands-on experience with the subject.
The primary focus of this course is on understanding how to use GPT/GenAI, to help further enhance your capabilities on more complex and strategic use of AI tools, and understanding of how to leverage the power of prompt engineering to improve your AI tool quality.



Chapter 1: Level 3 Advanced Text Generation

Prompt Chaining
Reverse Prompting
Prompt Template Automation

Chapter 2: Level 1 Image Generation 


Chapter 3: Level 5 Integration

Advanced Integration Business Case
Risks and Potential of GenAI for Enterprise Applications


Who Can Attend:

Any individual or corporate interested in improving their skills engaging with Generative AI tools for results at higher quality and efficiency.
Already attended SiM’s Beginner and Intermediate Level Trainings, or equipped with the equivalent prompt engineering proficiency.



Jackie Fong

South China Regional Director 

System in Motion

  • The current Regional Manager of South China Region and Head of Finance Department of System in Motion Co., Ltd.
  • Specializing in IT Strategy Consulting, AI Transformation Consulting, and digital project risk management. 
  • Current active member of Entrepreneur Organization Executive Forum, co-founder of SheroUp Academy and SheWorth, and advocate of energy management.

Company Presentation

System in Motion


System in Motion is an Information System Modernization Consultancy that focuses on AI Transformation, Integration, Data Boost Services and IT project management training.


Our belief: the customers’ needs over solution; the customers’ rapid change in business over original designs. Based on this belief, we continuously provide personalized services and support to help our customers build sustainable and profitable business growth.



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*Price including 6,72% Tax



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