4 challenges WeCom will help you to solve in your organization

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If you are asking yourself one or multiple of those 4 questions this event is made for you: 

  • How can I secure that, when one employee leaves, he is pulled out of all the relevant WeChat groups?
  • How can I create easy internal communication channels on WeChat? 
  • How can I make my sales team collect systematic and organized data about leads? 
  • How can I enhanced sales experience and customer retention?






Born and raised in Celtic-influenced Brittany (France), Benoit Raoult is a computer science engineer with over 15-year experience of entrepreneurship in North America, Europe and Asia. Benoit has been successful so far in developing software, exhibiting his photography work, providing consulting expertise in healthcare and corporate digitalization. In addition to B2B-oriented Jumo, Benoit established in 2017 Duhno, a character branding agency that engages audiences through illustrative content.


Stephane Monsallier

System in Motion

Stephane Monsallier has always been passionate about technology, starting when he learned to code at the age of 10. He later graduated from Supelec in 1993, the top IT engineering school in France. After ten years in Financial IT, he left France and the corporate life to start System in Motion in Shanghai in 2004. His vision was to build a world-class technology consulting company to help corporate modernize their Information Systems in the APAC region. System in Motion has evolved with the rapid changes of the Chinese market, integrating new technologies into the solid foundations of its service offering.



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