12.07 | [Offline Training] Chat GPT From 0 to Hero

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2,134.40 RMB/person for Non-Members

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Course introduction

In this course, you will learn how to use GPT and understand how to improve your daily productivity. This interactive class will include 2 on-site practical exercises in order to practice in real time.


The Principles

•How do you make it work for you? (Exercise)

•How can it work better?

•How could you make it work better for you? 

•How did you make it better for you ? (Workshop)

•Summary: How could you use it for Corporates?



Fundamental Principles

Level 1 prompt engineering  (CFC model, Positive and Negative Examples, Practice)

Level 2 prompt engineering  (RCFC Framework, 0/1/n shot prompts, Practice)

Level 5 Integration for business use case (preview)

Bonus Section (Popular AI tools accessible in China)

For more details, see the full brochure here


Who Can Attend:

Any individual or corporate interested leveraging GPT to improve their efficiency



Jackie Fong

South China Regional Director 

System in Motion

The current Regional Director of South China Region and Head of Human Resources Department of System in Motion Co., Ltd. Specializing in IT Strategy Consulting, Information System Architecture design, and digital project risk management, in team leadership training, strategy alignment consulting. Current active member of Entrepreneur Organization Executive Forum, co-founder of SheroUp Academy and SheWorth, and advocate of energy management.

Company Presentation

System in Motion

System in Motion is an Information System Modernization Consultancy that focuses on Next Gen, Integration, Data Boost Services and IT project management training. Our believe: the customers’ needs over solution; the customers’ rapid change in business over original designs. Based on this belief, we continuously provide personalized services and support to help our customers build sustainable and profitable business growth.



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