09.12 | [Online Training] Insight into Data - Become an expert in data-driven operations 洞悉数据——成为数据化运营专家

Online Training 线上课程,

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This training is conducted in Chinese. 本次课程用中文授课。

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This training is conducted in Chinese. 本次课程用中文授课。

课程背景 Course background


No matter what position you work in, in the use of software for data analysis has become the necessary skills, whether you are engaged in purchasing, sales, financial analysis, or business decisions, this set of course for data system analysis work encountered in various data application problems, extract data analysts most needed Excel and related software tools skills, can help you from a pile of clueless data for data screening, data analysis and make professional management chart, provides a professional accurate basis for your business decisions.


问题与困惑 Problems and confusion

  • 大量的报表很难分析出想要的数据
  • Large lot of reports are hard to analyze the data you want
  • 需要对产品、客户分类;怎样才能建立多因素量本利敏感分析模型,以便直观地发现最佳盈利模式
  • Need to classify products and customers; how to establish a multi-factor cost-profit sensitive analysis model, so as to intuitively discover the best profit model
  • 如何利用各种预测工具,寻找营销方案……
  • How to use various forecasting tools to find marketing solutions...


学员收益 Course Benefits

  • 数据分析与管理的多种方法与技巧
  • Multiple methods and techniques of data analysis and management
  • 数据分析函数的高级应用
  • Advanced applications of the data analysis functions
  • Power Query和Power Pivot的基本运用
  • The basic application of the Power Query And Power Pivot
  • 动态数据管理
  • Dynamic data management
  • 动态图表看板制作
  • Dynamic chart kanban making


课程大纲  Course Outline

I. 数据整理——小技巧解决大问题 | Data collation ——— tips to solve big problems

  • 分列与快速填充
  • Data Disaggregation and quick fill
  • 快速突显数据特征
  • Quickly highlight the data features
  • 保证录入数据正确性
  • Ensure the correctness of the input data
  • 与函数结合应用案例
  • Application cases when combined with the function

II.  Power Query——自动整理数据 | Power Query —— Automatically collate the data

  • 快速自动汇总多个工作表和文件夹
  • Quickly and automatically summarize multiple worksheets and folders
  • 比Vlookup更厉害的合并查询
  • A powerful query merge than Vlookup
  • 比复制粘贴更快速的追加查询
  • Faster query faster than copy and paste
  • 列转行的绝招——逆透视
  • Unique skill of columns to rows ——— inverse perspective
  • 不用IF也能明辨是非
  • You can distinguish between right and wrong without an IF
  • PQ实战案例
  • PQ actual combat case

III. 函数进阶——函数没那么难 | Advanced functions —— functions are not that difficult

  • 身份证号码综合函数运用
  • ID card number integrated function use
  • Sum和Count家族与通配符联姻
  • The Sum and Count families are married with wildcards
  • Vlookup、Xlookup、Index谁更胜一筹
  • Vlookup, X lookup, Index who is better
  • 跨表查找必学函数
  • Find required function across tables
  • M365新函数:Filter、Lambda等
  • M365 new functions: Filter, Lambda, etc
  • AI助力函数编辑
  • AI power-enabled function editing

IV. 数据建模和分析——多表分析新思路 | Data modeling and analysis —— multi-table analysis

  • 什么是数据建模?
  • What is data modeling?
  • 常见数据模型
  • Common data models
  • 自动创建日期维度表
  • Automatically create the date dimension table
  • 创建来自数据模型的数据透视表
  • Create a pivot table from the data model
  • 值汇总和显示方式
  • Value summary and display mode
  • 同比、环比和定基比
  • Year-on-year, sequential and fixed base ratio
  • 透视表自动分组和手动分组
  • The perspective tables are grouped automatically and manually
  • 数据排序和自定义排序
  • Data sorting and custom sorting
  • 筛选TopN
  • dressing by screening TopN
  • Excel中最简单的GetPivotData函数
  • The simplest GetPivotData function in Excel
  • 切片器联动
  • Slicer linkage

 V. 动态看板制作 | Dynamic Kanban production

  • 常见图表误区
  • Common chart errors
  • 专业图表五大特征
  • Five characteristics of professional charts
  • 图表专业色彩搭配
  • Chart professional color matching
  • 一键更改字体和配色
  • Change the font and color scheme with one click
  • 动态图表制作
  • Dynamic chart making


Agenda  课程安排

Date: Tuesday,  September 12th | 9月12日,周二

Time: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm

Language: Chinese 


Trainer 讲师


Microsoft Office International Certified Master
Trainer working experience for the top 10 foreign companies
Working experience of the world's top 500 companies
Training experience of the world's top 500 companies
Bilingual lecturer
More than 10000 in-house trainees


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