05.30-05.31 | [Guanzghou Training] CBAM carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Reporting Training | CBAM碳边境调节机制填报培训

Bureau Veritas Guangzhou Office, 广州市荔湾区康王中路486号和业广场16楼1602-1604室。Room 1602-1604, Heye Plaza, No.486 Kangwang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, Guangzhou
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本次授课语言为中文。This training is conducted in Chinese.

Price: CCI FRANCE CHINE Members: 3000 RMB per person
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课程背景  Course background

碳边境调节机制(Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism,CBAM)是欧盟提出的一项新政策,俗称“碳关税”。CBAM是全球范围内首个采用贸易政策应对碳泄漏风险的政策工具,旨在使欧盟内外的同量碳排放所需支付的价格基本持平。

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is a new policy put forward by the European Union, commonly known as "carbon tariff". CBAM is the first policy tool in the world to adopt a trade policy to deal with the risk of carbon leakage, which aims to make the price basically the same paid for the same amount of carbon emissions within and outside the EU.
At present, CBAM covers six industries: steel, cement, aluminum, chemical fertilizer, power and hydrogen. According to the regulations, as long as the carbon price of the production place is lower than the EU carbon price, once imported into the EU customs area, it is necessary to purchase CBAM vouchers to make up the difference between them. Therefore, the essence of CBAM is to set up a virtual carbon pricing mechanism for imported products. BV developed this course for companies with products exported to the European Union to meet the requirements of CBAM and help their products go abroad.


课程对象 Course object 

  • 有相关产品出口至欧盟的企业人员 
    Personnel who responsible for exporting related products to the European Union
  • 企业碳管理人员 
    Carbon management personnel 


课程内容  Course content

  1. 低碳(CBAM)发展历程及展望
    The Development and Prospect of low carbon (CBAM)
  2. 碳交易市场与CBAM关系
    The relationship between carbon Exchange Market and CBAM
  3. CBAM关键定义
    Key definition of CBAM
  4. CBAM法规及实施条例关键要求解读
    Interpretation of the key requirements of CBAM regulations and implementation regulations
  5. CBAM与组织碳盘查、产品碳足迹的伊通
    Carbon CBAM and organizational carbon inventory and Yitong carbon footprint of products
  6. CBAM计算规则
    CBAM calculation rules
  7. CBAM communication template填写实操
    Please CBAM communication template to fill in the actual exercises
  8. CBAM过渡期及生效后的应对方案
    Measures to deal with CBAM during the transition period and after its entry into force
  9. 课堂讨论及案例练习
    Class discussion and case exercises 

  Students who have full attendance and pass the exam can acquire BV course training certificate.


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