[Webinar] How to effectively make the final settlement declaration for individual income tax 2020

Language: Chinese

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Under the new individual income tax law, the cumulative withholding and special additional deduction have been implemented for more than one year, and will soon enter the unprecedented time of individual income tax settlement. At the end of a year, the comprehensive income of an individual shall be retaxed according to the annual summary income, involving tax payment or refund, which is called the final settlement of individual income tax.


  • Whose individual income tax should be settled?
  • How to calculate individual income tax?
  • How do I make a final settlement declaration?
  • 谁的个税要汇算清缴?
  • 如何计算个人所得税?
  • 如何做汇算清缴申报?

By joining this session, you will learn the comprehensive explanation and guidance for the final settlement of individual income tax to help you quickly master the process, operation and difficulties of the final settlement of individual income tax and tax refund, and successfully complete the declaration of the first final settlement of individual income tax.




David LI 李明景

Partner at Kuang Zheng CPAs


Partner, CICPA, Australian CPA, CTA, CPV,Evaluation Expert in Ministry of Science and Technology, leading member in BICPA.

He is proficient in current accounting and taxation policies, and has over 20 years' experience in tax problem diagnosis and tax planning.





Date: Wednesday, April 22nd 2020

Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Language: Chinese

Price: Free for CCI FRANCE CHINE Members, RMB 100 for Non Members



Please Scan the QR code below to register, or send an e-mail to BJ-Event@ccifc.org


Please Scan the QR code above to register, or send an e-mail to bj-event@ccifc.org

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