[Online Training] What can you do when customers complain on social media? 如何应对社交媒体上出现的负面评价


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This training is conducted in Chinese. 本次课程用中文授课。

Introduction 课程背景

The feedbacks from the enterprise effect customers' behavior. Enterprises and customers are a pair of communication subjects and interact with each other. The output of each party will directly affect the reaction of the other one. 

Nowadays, ineffective customer communication will directly lead to complaints online. As more online platforms provide dedicated release channels, "online customer complaints" increasingly affects the reputation of companies, which may indirectly or directly affect the sales income. At the same time, the accumulation of negative content will also attract the attention of the media and other competitors, and there is a danger of fermenting into a huge public opinion risk.

In this training, we will discuss the behavior of customer complaints on social media, hoping to provide some ideas and methods for companies.





Course Outline 课程纲要

Section 1: Analysis of consumers' feedbacks on the case of 'alive ants found in instant noodles' | 第一节:从“白象方便面发现活蚂蚁”一事,分析消费者的反馈。

Section 2: What kind of users' rights protection content will cause mass public opinion? | 第二节:什么样的用户维权内容会引发大规模舆情?

Section 3: Data analysis of social media user complaints | 第三节:社交媒体用户投诉的数据分析

Section 4: Psychological analysis of users posting on social media | 第四节:社交媒体上发布维权帖的用户心理分析

Section 5: Why are users feeling angry? (A psychological analysis of user advocacy) | 第五节:用户到底为什么在生气?(用户维权的心理分析)

Section 6: How do companies provoke users step by step? | 第六节:企业是如何一步步激怒用户的?

Section 7: The best way to soothe users and avoid escalation | 第七节:最佳方法是抚慰用户情绪,避免升级

Section 8: How to improve the effectiveness of user communication and avoid emotional escalation? | 第八节:如何改善用户沟通效果,避免情绪升级?

Section 9: Case study | 第九节:实战案例解析


讲师 Trainer








Ulan Tuya 乌兰图雅

Ulan Tuya has over 17 years of working experience in International PR agencies. She helps multinational enterprises to enter the China market, building their brand and making them known to the Chinese public. These enterprises include Emerson Electric, Mercedes-Benz, Caterpillar Inc. as well as Sony, NBA etc. She’s also been working with Alibaba, Bank of Beijing, Minsheng Wealth and other local enterprises to grow by empowering them with the brand awareness and cutting-edge digital marketing techniques, so that they can occupy the market quickly. She is the career mentor of National School of Development, Peking University and is the guest lecturer of School of Management, Tsinghua University and Guanghua School of Management, Peking University.



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