[Online Training] Government Affairs Training: This Half of the Rainbow Bridge — Coordination and Cooperation between Government Affairs and Business Work


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政府事务培训: 彩虹桥的这一半—政府事务与业务工作的协调与配合

课程介绍 Introduction




The work of government affairs (GA) is often compared to “building a rainbow bridge of communication and cooperation between the government and enterprises”. In fact, for the GA departments of multi-national companies (MNCs), the “external communication” with Chinese government agencies only accounts for half of their daily work, while the other half of GA work, the “internal communication” within the company, is the basic guarantee and core power to determine the effectiveness of external work, which is equally important and difficult! 

Therefore, the full understanding and cooperation of the company’s senior managements and the heads of various business departments is of great strategic significance for promoting the smooth development of GA and giving full play to the value of GA function.

At the beginning of a new year, before the convening of 2023 “Two Sessions”, we hope this course could provide effective reference for GA professionals to formulate work planning and internal reporting plans, and do a good job of internal communication at the new year by sharing various MNCs’ GA planning methods/ cases, as well as practical experiences in specific program cooperation.


受众群体 Who Should Attend? 

    1. 跨国公司管理人士:希望通过学习撰写政府沟通文件,系统性提高自身政府事务沟通技能,进而为企业的业务发展营造一个更加有利的政府沟通环境。
    Multinational company managers: hope to systematically improve their government affairs communication skills by learning to write government communication documents, so as to create a more favorable government communication environment for the business development of enterprises.

    2. 政府事务专职人士:希望不断加强本职工作技能,全面提升不同类型政府沟通文件撰写的能力,以及与政府利益相关方的沟通协调能力。
    Government affairs professionals: we hope to continuously strengthen our job skills, comprehensively improve the ability to write different types of government communication documents, and communicate and coordinate with government stakeholders.

    3. 其他商务人士:从事公关、传播、企业社会责任、法务、工厂运营管理等工作,希望通过系统性学习撰写政府沟通文件,做好相关工作。
    Other business people: engaged in public relations, communication, corporate social responsibility, legal affairs, factory operation management, etc., hoping to systematically learn to write government communication documents and do a good job in related work.




    Brent Yuan 袁元

    Partner and Senior Director


    Valuable experience working with multinational companies, concentrating in public relations, branding, crisis management and media relations from ten years of professional experience in relevant fields at both media outlets and multinational enterprises.


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