How to innovate like startups. Constantly.

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  • Practice how startups innovate, how they test, adapt, pivot to find the right product and the right business model.
  • Learn how those methods can be applied to established businesses.
  • Learn how to gear your organisation to innovate building a sustainable innovation machine.

Part 1: Innovation practice - 80 mins

Learn to think and move like startup. Very interactive and practical. For innovation team looking at launching new ideas into the market. Learn from modern entrepreneurship how to quickly assess, test and build their idea to create products that customer loves.


  • Learn by doing: iteration, pivot, customer discovery, test and learn
  • Identify the hypothesis behind your idea: Innovation Canvas
  • Assess the Viability, Feasibility and Desirability of your idea
  • Interview real customers and validate needs
  • The metrics of a starting business and how to measure progress
  • Learn the tools and the mindset

Part 2: Managing Innovation - 80 mins

  • The importance of innovation
  • The struggle for innovation: Search vs Execute
  • Aligning innovation with your strategy
  • The ROI of innovation and how to manage investments
  • Managing Innovation project and the pipeline
  • Disruptive innovation vs Incremental innovation
  • Hiring for innovation
  • How to start and continue the effort
  • The loneliness of the innovator
  • The 3 horizons and how to implement them


Please kindly note that this event is Free and strictly reserved to CCI FRANCE CHINE or French Tech members.

Seats number are limited and submission subject to approval

  • CEOs, Executives & VPs
  • Innovation Director
  • Marketing Director
  • VP Product & teams
  • Business Unit Managers
  • Corporate Innovators




Franck Debane

Franck Debane has lived and worked extensively in the Silicon Valley, London and Paris. Engineering by training, he has co-founded 2 startups (one acquired) and worked for large corporation such as AOL and the BBC. He understand the struggle of big corporation that tries to move fast. He now mentors helps big corporates bring innovative solutions to market faster. Like startups do.
Franck co-founded Tango, with the mission to help corporation to innovate. Franck is the president of the Lean Startup Experience, the 11.000+ Lean Startup practitioners community in France.

Florian Champagne

Florian Champagne has worked for digital startups in San Francisco, Hong Kong and Paris. Graduated from Centrale engineering school, he focused on building and bringing to market B2B Saas products with Talkspirit, Magency and Nissan Europe.
Over the years, Florian developed a unique expertise on innovative business and product development. Nowadays, he helps teams succeed faster with higher customer satisfaction. Florian is entrusted by big companies (Nissan, Euler Hermes, PMI and Leroy Merlin), business schools (EDHEC, Centrale, Dauphine university) and startups. .

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