[Guangzhou Training] Business Negotiation Communication and Expression | 商务谈判沟通与表达

必维集团广州办公室 Bureau Veritas Guangzhou Office, 广州市荔湾区康王中路486号和业广场16楼1603单元 Room 1603, Heye Plaza, No.486 Kangwang Zhong Road, Guangzhou
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This training is conducted in Chinese. 本次课程用中文授课。

课程背景 Background



Business negotiations are ubiquitous, but many people feel stressed out when they hear about such scenarios. Many companies' business negotiations are based on experience, lack of scientific steps and judgment of scenario strategies.

You can't be blind in negotiations. You need to know both the enemy and yourself in order to reach a win-win situation. In seemingly easy occasions such as through effective communication more pleasant and give constructive. And in very difficult situations, effective communication can also be a steady and steady step. Speech, communication, listening, questioning, improvisation, debate, interaction, storytelling, persuasion, and logical thinking can all help to achieve successful negotiations.


课程目标 Objectives

  • 学习了解谈判前的准备和策略设定 | Learn to understand pre-negotiation preparation and strategy setting.
  • 学习了解谈判全过程沟通表达策略 | Learn to understand the communication and expression strategies for the whole negotiation process. 
  • 掌握谈判中的表达和沟通技巧,提升沟通效率,搭成愉快双赢,同时提升谈判者实际的职场能力。| Master the expression and communication skills in negotiation, enhance communication efficiency, build into a pleasant win-win situation, and at the same time enhance the actual workplace ability of negotiators.
  • 在模拟中搞定多个场景,熟练一系列工具,助力商务谈判成功有效 | Get a number of scenarios in the simulation and become proficient in a series of tools to help business negotiations be successful and effective.


课程大纲 Course Outline

  • 谈判本质探讨 | Exploring the nature of negotiation
  • 前期准备 | Preliminary preparation
  • 谈判流程表达重点 | Negotiation process expression focus
  • 谈判表达技巧 | Negotiation expression skills
  • 双赢谈判 | Win-win negotiation
  • 敌意谈判 | Hostile Negotiation
  • 危机公关 | Crisis Communication
  • 附加工具 | Additional Tools
  • 课堂练习 | Exercieses

讲师 Trainer






呼声Farsome创始人,IPCC国际呈现教练中心联合创始人,言商学社研究院院长;郑脱喜剧学院导师顾问;国内第一家脱口秀团体创办人;为TEDxShenzhen提供演讲教练服务;哈工大毕业,6年欧企管理经验,10余年文化领域创业经验。《喜剧的艺术(Comedy Bible)》主译;《超级演说家》第一季选手;凤凰卫视《笑逐言开》签约编剧。常年辅导语言类电视节目、商业演讲(路演、汇报、推介、展示……)、商业辩论、语言戏剧类演出演讲主持等;拥有独立研发自主版权呈现表达全系列课程。清华、北大、哈工大、南科大研究博士生表达和戏剧教练,广财大MBA实战导师;获得建行优秀导师称号。

Joshua graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology and has 6 years of management experience in European companies and more than 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in the cultural field. He is the founder of the first stand-up comedy group in China, the founder of Hue Farsome, and the co-founder of IPCC International Presentation Coaching Center. He has provided presentation coaching services for TEDxShenzhen, and is a perennial speaker for coaching language TV programs, business presentations (roadshows, debriefings, pitches, showcases ......), business debates, and language drama performances. In addition, he is also a coach for doctoral students studying expression and drama at Tsinghua University, Peking University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Southern University of Science and Technology, as well as a practical mentor for MBA at Guangcai University. 

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