Government Affairs Issue Management and Dealing with On-site Inspection 政府事务危机管理、系统处理现场查访

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This course will be conducted in Chinese.


Course Objectives 课程目标

Due to changes in the macro regulatory environment and recent major accidents in certain industries, new laws and regulations have become more frequent and stricter, and the supervision situation has become severe for enterprises, causing uncertainties and challenges for business operations and future development. Various issues related to government affairs have also followed, some may even develop into crises and impacting enterprises. 


This course is intended to help Government Affairs (GA) practitioners to better systematically sort out the professional working system, explore how to deal with crises related to government affairs, prepare adequately and share best practices and cases. Specifically, the program focuses on how to systematically deal with crises/ issues and government on-site inspections through building on basic capacities and effective communication with stakeholders to find the best solution.


Course Outline 课程大纲

1. Basic Concept 基本概念

  • What is government affairs crisis/ issue? 如何定义政府事务危机?
  • How about the regulatory and enforcement environment? How about the development trend in the future? 我们面对怎样的执法环境?这种趋势会怎样发展?

2. Systematic Crisis/ Issue Management 系统的危机管理

  • What is the basic principle and systematic process to deal with the issue? 危机处理有哪些基本原则?通过怎样的流程系统处理危机事件?
  • How to establish a systematic and professional government issue management system based on the win-win solution? 如何建立系统专业的政府危机管理系统,并争取双赢的解决方案?

3. Dealing with On-site Inspection 系统处理现场查访

  • What is the basic principle and systematic process to deal with the on-site inspection issue? 处理现场查访有哪些基本原则和流程?
  • What kind of potential scenarios could happen during the onsite inspection? How to assess the situation and deal with it? 现场查访可能会面对哪些情况?如何现场判断并应对?


Who Should Attend? 课程受众

GA professionals that want to have a systematic improvement of their skill sets. 
People who need to have a better understanding of how to systematically work for government affairs issue management. 


Date: May 26th 2020
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Language: Chinese
Venue: Online Training
The connecting processes will be sent by email after registration


Registration 报名注册

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