Goal-management with OKRs

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OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) is presently the most popular people-management and goal-setting framework.


Objectives and Content

OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) is presently the most popular people-management and goal-setting framework. It allows managers to adapt short-term targets flexible to changes in the business environment and empowers team members to self-organize on how to achieve these targets. In the current unstable business environment OKRs enable whole companies to change direction fast on all levels and bridge the gap between strategy and execution.  

In this session the participants understand the OKR framework and learn how to break strategic goals into manageable chunks whose execution can be tracked like KPIs. Beside this, leaders evaluate whether the OKR framework works for their company and learn how to implement it.  


Target Group

Managers & those in leadership roles



How to use OKRs
Articulate your goals
- Track and measure progress
- Reassess and stretch
How to introduce OKRs to your company
Evaluate the fit of OKRs to your company
Plan the OKR implementation



Facilitator:Mr. Jasper Peters

Jasper Peters is manager at CPC Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. daughter company of the leading German change management consultancy CPC AG and “Hidden Champion for Change Management and Implementation” in 2018 and 2020. In his previous experience as managing director of an internet service provider Jasper became familiar with a business life shaped by constant change. He brings this experience to multinational companies that he consults in the areas of organizational design and change management. His focus is on how to steer companies through rapidly evolving environments using Agile approaches.

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