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June 2021

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Connexions #93 - Innovating for a better world


Innovating for a better world

The recent health crisis has proven it more than ever: innovation, in all its forms, was the key to stay united and connected with our customers, partners, teams and friends.


Bound to find new solutions to maintain ties with their customers and employees, our members have shown agility to use new digital tools, rethink their production and distribution models as well as upgrade their innovation practices.


More generally, Innovation is a key driver of business growth and essential to sharpening and sustaining competitive advantage, but companies also need to foster an innovation culture in order to build a better, more resilient, harmonious and sustainable world. The stakes are crucial.


This new issue of Connexions gives the floor to those who know how to “reinvent themselves” by implementing innovative projects, or are committed to a positive transformation of their activity and their organization.


Greater Bay Area Special

This issue of Connexions also offers a special focus on the Greater Bay Area: Guangdong / Hong-Kong / Macao and its business opportunities, as seen by French companies on site.

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Human Resources: What Models For Tomorrow ?


What is the place of women and men in the world of work in China? What are, more globally,

the HR challenges of tomorrow? These questions, in our changing business environments, are essential.


Several factors make human resource management in China increasingly important. How then can we

attract and retain talent in this reputed particularly dynamic market?


While the health crisis has also placed the human resources departments of our companies on the front

lines, what positive and sustainable initiatives have been deployed? What needs do they meet?

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