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October 24th, 2019


                The CCI FRANCE CHINE is proudly inviting you to its next:



Intellectual Property Conference


IP careless business - could you afford? A few stories about IP wise entrepreneurs


In this conference, our two distinguished speakers, Vincent Remy and Raymond CHAN will share their insights and experiences for the protection of Intellectual Property in China.


      • 19:00-19:30 Registration

      • 19:30-21:00 Presentation of Vincent and Raymond

      • 21:00-22:00 Q&A and networking  
Key takeaways from the IP conference:

     1. Understanding of what to do with IP if you are launching a business

     2. Understanding of the best time to start IP if you are already in business

     3. Knowing the importance of IP

During the presentation, we will talk about:
    1. IP law, where does it come from?
  • French perspective
  • Chinese perspective
    2. Implementation over the year
  • French experience
  • Chinese experience
    3. Current expectations
  • French entrepreneurs
  • Chinese entrepreneurs
    4. Examples of success stories

    Old ones:

  • Michelin
  • L’Oréal
  • Plastic omnium
    Recent ones

      • An inventor of a domestic device gave a license to an industrial company. He received 1 EUR/ item. He is now travelling around the world.

     • An industrial company in the medical field. They win markets with their clients which are pharmaceutical companies, mainly because they are able to guarantee that they have IP protection and they do not infringe third party’s IP rights.

      • Raymond and his experience (as the first-person example)


Vincent REMY

Founding partner LLR law Firm


Vincent REMY graduated from the Ecole des Mines de Nancy where he followed the general course, as well as a specialization in computer science. He entered the profession in 1991. He has drafted and defended numerous patent applications in various fields of mechanics and computer science. He participated in litigation in France and Germany and made more than a dozen counterfeiting seizures in France.
Since 2008, he has strongly contributed to the development of LLR China by training his French-Chinese team to the qualitative standards of the European clients. Familiar with Chinese law and practice, he is deeply involved in advising French companies wishing to set up or develop their business in China and is involved in the management of counterfeiting litigation in China. Vincent REMY lives in Hong Kong since 2018, which makes him available for missions in China.


Raymond CHAN

20 - year Date Science and Technology Veteran ;

Founder of Date Research Lab


Raymond started his data science career in Silicon Valley since the late 90's.  He founded companies to use advance data technologies helping different industries in term of data safety and regulations.  In 2018, Mr. Chan founded Alphamirai, a private fund to focus on the technology research for digital right management and to improve the IP management on the internet.  The technology has recently won the Innovation Awards from the German Chamber and highlighted by the China National Radio and Phoenix TV on several occasions.  Mr. Chan won the Sir Isaac Newton Physics Scholar in 1993 and earned his engineering degree later at the University of Waterloo in Canada.
Recently he has been involved in helping a technology startup to bring music IP management tool for the indie.  He is also sponsoring a study group in Shenzhen for professionals who are interested to learn about oversea management experience.

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