Purchasing & Supply Chain Trainings




Professionals wishing to further their skills and gain expertise in both Purchasing and Supply Management have the opportunity to do so with one of CCI FRANCE CHINE’s members, the European Institute of Purchasing Management. With an approach to education grounded in the reality of business, the EIPM provides highly relevant training modules and certification programs. Presented twice a year, they are available in both English and Chinese.




EIPM offers a catalogue of 20 specialized courses that students can choose from.  This “à la carte” approach allows the participants to further their knowledge in the areas they most need to.

Taking either two or three days to complete, these courses are at the heart of the challenges Purchasing professionals have to face on a daily basis.

The module focuses on the following themes:

  • Purchasing Management
  • Financial risks  and contracts
  • Managing suppliers
  • Soft skills
  • Supply chain
  • Cost optimisation
  • Complementary courses



Participants will learn through various ways such as short concept presentations, integrating examples and case studies to illustrate the main tools.

They are also provided with pre-reading materials and with interactive training.  With this blended learning process, the EIPM is sure to meet the students’ training and development needs.

After undertaking an exam an hour before the end of the module, the students will receive a certificate of completion.



Purchasing professionals who wish to obtain a certification recognized worldwide can choose from three programs on different levels.


  • Certification Program for Professional Buyers:  targeted at buyers with less than two years of experience to take charge of a purchasing portfolio
  • Certification Program for Expert Buyers: is intended for Lead buyers, Category buyers, Project buyers, Business Unit buyers, all with large portfolio responsibilities.
  • Certification Program for Purchasing Managers: either for Purchasing Executives who are leading a team of buyers or for senior buyers aspiring to have an executive position.


The three certified programs are composed of six courses which in total last three weeks. To be certified the participants need to pass an exam after each course.


European Institute of Purchasing Management

Created in 1990 by Leading International Companies and the European Commission, EIPM is recognized as the leading European Center for Research,Networking,Education & Action Training in Purchasing & Supply Chain. Currently with campus in Geneva & Shanghai and branch in India,Brazil,Mexico,USA,Poland & UAE, EIPM has developed a complete range of solutions to meet training & development needs of its large base of international clients in all sectors: Global EMBA Specialized in Purchasing; Purchasing Talent /Organization Assessment; Training Modules & Certification Programs; In-Company Programs; E-Learning Modules; Global Executive Roundtable; EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards.