Practicing Negotiation Techniques

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Learning Goals

Following this module, participants will be able to:

  • Define negotiation objectives, including different options.
  • Develop negotiation scenarios.
  • Built alternative solutions (BATNA) to avoid deadlock situations.
  • Organize their negotiation plan, taking into account their company constraints, the supplier’s expectations and the market situation.
  • Deliver the highest results possible, while maintaining long term relationship with suppliers.


Day 1

Method for preparing a negotiation

  • Introducing the check-list
  1. Outlining my objectives
  2. Evaluating the balance of power
  3. Analyzing the mutual interest in negotiating
  4. Defining my strategy.
  • Workshop: the suppliers’ strategies and tactics
  1. Elaborating my behavioral pattern
  2. Laying out my control panel.
  • Practical case study.

Day 2

Purchasing  Negotiation  best  practices  and behaviors

  • Presentation of the negotiation stages.
  • Stakes, objectives.
  • Best practices.
  • Negotiation behaviors.
  • Intercultural aspects.

Day 3

Real cases coaching

  • Workshops: each buyer gives a briefing about a real contemporary or future negotiation situation, and the problems it raises. The other participants and the trainer then help preparing the negotiation by applying the method.
  • The most sensitive cases will then be acted out, using the behavioral pattern, the steps of a buying negotiation, and the best practices for each step. The trainer will focus on the behavioral aspects.

Target Group

  • Buyers and internal customers who need to conduct or assist in commercial negotiations.


Methods and Tools

  • Pedagogical approach : Workshops, Case studies, Video training.
  • Tools : Behavioral Pattern, Negotiation Planner, Concessions / Counterparts Matrix.



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