Post-epidemic Era HR - Lead your Company to Success with Competitive Employee Health & Benefits Packages

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On the occasion of our next HR Working Group, CCI FRANCE CHINE is glad to welcome an HR Expert to discuss and exchange about leading your company using employee health & benefit packages.


Excellent benefits for your employees - like medical coverage or annual leaves - plays a crucial role in your company’s attractiveness.

Ironically, Employee Benefits are also among the first spending to be cut in times of uncertainty.

But what if companies could manage to do both: keep providing their employees with high coverage while controlling better costs?


This is the matter we will address in this session where we will show you how to:
• Identify essentials coverages in medical insurance policies
• Implementing effective cost-containment strategies to optimize policies
• Communication and services to maintain a good standard of employee’s satisfaction
• How to entice the best talents with good employee benefits





Jonathan Chapon
General Manager China

Abacare Group Limited



Mrs. Fabienne Cao
Human Resources Manager

Air France KLM


Mr. Eric Tarchoune
Managing Director & Executive Coach
Dragonfly Group


Event Location

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