Offline Trianing | Pragmatic Digitalization Strategy 行业性实用数字化战略

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目标与内容 Objectives & Content:

Digitalization. A megatrend that no company can ignore! At the same time, however, its nature is not immediately apparent to many corporate executives. Opportunities and challenges often remain diffuse, yet buzzwords dominate communication. Specific first steps do not seem to be worthwhile since classical characteristics of the value added 'turnover, cost structure, flexibility' are too dominant and long-established practices to achieve company goals are too deeply embedded in the culture. Digitalization is revolutionizing the value added to entire industries, changing the way companies address their customer's needs, creating new sales channels, and opening efficiency potentials throughout the company. Pioneers are already achieving considerable success.

This workshop is designed for companies aiming to take the next step towards digitalization cost reduction measures. The goal is to support participants in fully grasping the idea of digitalization for new products, services, and business models but as well as how digitalization challenges your current business model.

数字化是任何公司都不会忽视的大趋势!然而,对于许多企业高管来说,数字化并不像说的那么简单。机遇和挑战并 存,数字化流行于沟通。由于增值部分"营业额,成本结构,灵活性"的经典特征占据了主导地位,并且在实现公司目标的长期实践里深植于文化之中。因此具体的数字化的第一步似乎不那么值得去做。然而,数字化正在革新整个行业,改变着公司满足客户需求的方式,创建新的销售渠道并 在整个公司内提升效率潜力。先行者们已经取得了相当大的成功。

本次培训旨在为那些希望采取下一步数字化的公司而设计,包括单独成本降低措施。 我们的目标是支持参与者全面掌握新产品、 服务和商业模式的数字化理念,以及了解数字化正在如何挑战您目前的商业模式。

Target Group 参加对象

C-Level, owners, General Managers, Managers and executives from Business Strategy, Business Development, Sales, and Operations
商业战略,业务发展,销售和运营部门的总经理、 高管、主管、经理和副经理

Outline 大纲

· Overview of digitalization principles and trends
· Future scenarios – how digitalization changes our economic structure
· The Smart Factory – what digitalization means to your own value added
· Acceleration of innovation – optimization of customer journey by new customer interfaces
· Smart products – increase sales through intelligent products and corresponding services
· Finding the right approach – prerequisites for a targeted and sustainable digital transformation

· 数字化原理和趋势概述
· 未来情景——数字化如何改变我们的经济结构
· 智能工厂——数字化对您的增值过程意味着什么
· 加速创新——通过新的客户界面优化客户体验
· 智能产品——通过智能产品和相应服务提高销售额
· 寻找正确的方法——实现有针对性的可持续数字化转型的先决条件


Date: March 26th 2021
Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Language: Chinese
Fees: 1000 RMB for Members | 1200 RMB for Non-Members
Venue: Offline Training



Please scan the QR code to register, or send e-mail to bj-training(@)


Please scan the QR code to register, or send e-mail to bj-training(@)

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