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On March 12th, 2018, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announced that the new international standard for Occupation Health Safety Management System ISO45001:2018 was officially released. The new standard will replace the OHSAS18001 standard. The organization with OHSAS18001 certification has three years to reach ISO45001. The vigorous transition and the training for new standard starts now!

As we all know, the implementation of occupational health and safety management is conducive to minimizing all kinds of industrial accidents and occupational diseases; improving corporate image, breaking trade barriers, and playing a favorable position in domestic and international competition, thereby increasing market share; enhancing corporate cohesion and improving economic benefits; meeting the requirements of the other party (related parties); improving the relationship between the government, enterprises and employees; further raising the overall management level of the company, etc. Therefore, it can be said that the implementation of safety, the implementation of occupational health and safety management system certification is a cardinal question for enterprises!

You want to know the similarities and differences between OHSAS18000 and ISO45001? Want to master the latest standards and deal with management? Want to learn ISO45001/9001 /14001 three system integration to improve management efficiency?

CCI FRANCE CHINE will launch a two-day ISO45001:2018 new internal auditor training course to help more internal auditors obtain the latest qualifications and meet the requirements of the new standards.


Ⅰ. Course introduction

- Course objectives, content

- Analysis of the similarities and differences between OHSAS18001 and ISO45001

Ⅱ. The understanding of ISO45001: 2018 management system

- Scope

- Criteria for quotations and references

- Terminology and definition

- Context of the organization

- Leadership and employee involvement, planning

- Support, operation

- Performance evaluation

- Improvement

Ⅲ. Review process and techniques

- Audit process

- Audit planning

- Process method audit technique application

- Audit simulation practice

- Non-conformity report

- Tracking verification technique

Ⅳ. Integration of three systems

Ⅴ. Summary

- Examination (participants attending and passing the exam will be awarded the ISO45001:2018 Internal Auditor training certificate issued by BV.)

- Conclusion; self-reflection and action planning


- Occupational health and safety management personnel responsible for establishing and implementing the ISO45001 system

- People who want to know the new auditing methods and techniques

- Personnel who need to obtain ISO45001:2018 internal auditor qualification 




2 000 RMB*

*Price includes lunch, course materials and certificate and tax (6%)

For more details contact: or +86 20 29165525



Mr. Guoqiang LUBVC South China Training Operation Manager

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