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Copyrighting is already a must for a company's marketing team

How to Write Good WeChat Articles by 10 Steps


Corporate branding, marketing and advertising are inseparable from copyrighting. Copyrighting is the core content of all marketing activities and brand building.

Even if it is based on pictures and videos, the finishing touch is the text. There are several types of common external documents commonly used by enterprises: slogans, advertorials, press releases, corporate WeChat public accounts, and corporate speeches.

In the digital age, from forums, blogs, to Weibo and WeChat, the evolution of reading methods has made the content of enterprises more accessible to a wider audience, and more companies have achieved brand building and increased sales through high-quality copyrighting. Copyrighting is already a must for a company's marketing team.

Many companies regard the operation of the WeChat public accounts as an important brand building and communication channel with the audience. However, how to write high-quality WeChat articles, attractive titles as well as how to typeset have become a specific and important task.

This course will help students quickly improve the writing skills of the company's WeChat public account through high-quality successful stories, meticulously summed up practical skills, interactive on-site training, and sharing skills in all aspects of WeChat copyrighting.



Selected Cases: The Copyrighting that Saves the Enterprise

  • Those advertorials which sell the products (B2C case)
  • Those advertorials which bring in financing (B2B)

10 points of the company's WeChat copyrighting

  • Ten points to improve the logic
  • The core of a successful public account: reader orientation and content strategy

The setting of the content: the inspiration is not dropped from the sky, the good copyrighting is focused on planning

  • Good content to complete a task
  • The quality of the copyrighting depends on the vision.
  • Commonly used techniques

The core issue: How to Extract the Creative and Attractive Points

  • Each article has a soul sentence
  • Creating a golden sentence is to create a golden goose
  • A picture + a golden sentence = a good article
  • The more specific the better

10 tips for 100,000+ articles

  • Heading determines whether an article can be opened.
  • Headline conveys information, not gimmick
  • The title party is also divided into masters and low hands
  • 10 heading formulas
  • High frequency vocabulary

Style and Tones: Lead your readers

  • Reading by different scenes
  • Reading with emotion
  • Common reading scenes for companies 

Content Writing: Improve the logic and the writing

  • Overcome "writing phobia"
  • The first task of an article is to tell a complete story
  • Learning writing with Americans: top-heavy or light-footed
  • Continue to learn to write with Americans: Simplicity is the real advantage
  • Cheats taught by elementary school teachers: "The central idea of this paragraph"
  • Modification is the secret of the great writer

Improve conversion rate: How do you write a copy of the action that drives people to take action?

  •  B2C aims for sales, B2B aims for attention
  • “Call for attention” or “Activity registration” is very important
  • 5 steps to "TAKE ACTION"
  • 6 skills evoke the reader's desire to participate
  • 3 ways to urge readers TAKE ACTION
  • Don't be ashamed: the title of the copyrighting is the advertisement
  • Designing WeChat activities, stick to your fans

Do the beginning and end of the design, improve professionalism in an instant

  • Design starting tips
  • Design ending tips
  • How to design automatic response after “followed”?
  • Don't ignore fan messages: interaction increases loyalty
  • Learning to ask fans to pay attention is a powder boost

Picture and typography are super important: this is a time to look at the face

  • Genuine picture is king
  • Quickly improve the typographical skills of corporate identity
  • Preset visual design is the bottom line
  • Tips for creating original pictures
  • How to find genuine pictures



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