How to Retain your Talents ?

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Entrepreneurs, Managers, Team Leaders and HR professionals you will understand how to retain your Talents with Colours!



Entrepreneurs, Managers, Team Leaders and HR professionals are highly welcomed for a one day course on how to retain Talents by better understanding human being diversity and various approaches people apply for success. A practical workshop for successful leaders who want to have happy, motivated and efficient people in their teams working in harmony with their aspirations and needs.

The course is based on DISC® model.

In the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we still believe that human beings are the key to the company’s success. Intelligent machines that work and react almost like human beings are still created by certain type of “colorful” people. Colors applied by DISC® will help you to discover your and other people’s preferences and enable you to create a rewarding work environment that makes your TALENTS not only stay but actively build the company’s advantage with passion.

People are different and they need various things to make them happy and motivated. The course will walk the participants through a disciplined approach to identify their own and others’ natural behavior styles and see how this knowledge can be applied for a successful management of the most valued employees – TALENTS.

DISC ®, as a simple but extremely powerful tool, can clearly help leaders to see what motivates people best dependently on their individual and natural preferences. The model focuses on individual, externally observable behaviors and identifies four primary styles people may apply:

  • D-style (Dominance)
  • I-style (Influence)
  • S-style (Steadiness)
  • C-style (Correctness/Compliance)

Dependently upon the style, people might have different work expectations and aspirations. 



The primary objective of this one day course is to identify what keeps TALENTS  engaged and motivated while discovering people’s natural behavioral tendencies.

The program will provide fundamental knowledge of DISC ® model by experiencing it empirically and applying for TALENTS’ retention. All participants will be asked to fulfill a paper based DISC ®  mini assessment during the meeting.

As a result each participant will know his/her primary style and the % “distribution” of other three styles. The focus will be on the primary style and what value the other three types bring. This will be a starting point for developing retention programs for the identified TALENTS which will include mostly a human being factor along with the commonly applied extra benefits and perks.



9:00 am – 12:00 pm

  • TALENTS – who are they?
  • What keeps people engaged
  • People’s natural preferences
  • Take & Score Pre-assessment – self assessment DISC®


1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

  • Discover DISC
  • What does DISC say about TALENTS
  • “My Talents’ map”
  • Tailor retention plans for TALENTS


How you will benefit:

  • Develop your own specifically tailored retention plans for your TALENTS
  • Take DISC pre-assessment during the session
  • Discover your primary DISC and other styles and see how they impact TALENTS’ choices  
  • Unpack what each style brings and how to make them work together to retain your TALENTS



This one day course is designed for anybody but specifically for Entrepreneurs, Managers, Team Leaders and HR professionals who would like to apply a disciplined approach for retaining their TALENTS.



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