How to make a Powerful Business Presentation

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The session will help you to understand presentation skills through theories and practical exercises/role play



The presenter must be credible and should be an expert on the topic presented. Otherwise why the audience should waste the time in listening to someone who might not be up to the level. Therefore, form the start, the presenter should highlight why he/she is the one.

The aim of this module is to help professionals to become better at preparing and delivering presentations, making speeches during meetings. They will personally benefit in terms of their career and the speed of the information flow and its acceptance will be greater.  

The session will help you to understand presentation skills through theories and practical exercises/role play.



  • Establish rapport with audience; director, managers, colleagues
  • Speak with passion, persuasion, proper pacing and punch
  • Organize your ideas and plan your structure quickly for optimum effect
  • Be rational in handling tough question and use finesse
  • Adapt to cultural expectations



  1. How to initiate professionals in recognizing their weaknesses in presentations and focusing on their structure
  • Emotional strip tease – Face of your fears

More we know about the particularities of our fears; more it will be easy to tackle them.

This part of the program allows the participants to share their challenges in presentation

  • Focus on your objective during speech

Build a rapport with your audience

Reading the mood of the audience by keeping the antennas open

Clarifying the odds

The objective of the presentation needs to be clarified form the start and reminded as long as the presentation lasts

  • Speak with Confidence

How do I look; importance of body language, standing, posture, facial

How do I sound; vocal variety, the pronunciation, the pause and the silence

Body language, mannerism and dress code


      2. Polish all over presentation skills and by introducing new tools to overcome the challenges, answering the questions and dissolving the objections of the audience

  • Reach and keep audience attention

Bang your presentation by B.O.M.B.E.R. tool

Using audio and visual support, PPT

Showing proof; statistics and testimonials – back up the presentation with figures and facts

Tuning the presentation based on the audience experience

Keeping the end in mind, creating a loop by addressing what has been explained so far to make sure the audience is in line with what has been told.



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