How to lead successful meetings

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Six Thinking Hats ®, Edward de Bono


This one-day training on leading successful meetings is designed for anybody who leads any type of meetings at the workplace but specifically for Managers, Leaders, Project managers etc. A successful meeting is like a successful performance at the theatre or concert hall.  Everybody has and understands one’s role to make the orchestra sound perfectly.

The workshop provides simple and proven ideas to make meetings shorter, more effective and more satisfying to everyone in attendance. The program covers each stage of the meeting organization (preparation, running, wrap-up and follow up) but treats specifically the part on an actual meeting execution. Participants will be asked to simulate running a meeting using Six Thinking Hats ® method designed by Edward de Bono to run productive group discussions and to structure individual thinking. 


Meetings are an essential part of the life of every organization. Managers spend one-quarter or even more of their career time in various meetings (group, face to face, one-on-one). The more people in the organization, the greater the complexity required for the performance of interrelated tasks, the more crucial it is for people to meet in groups to solve problems, make decisions, share information and exchange views and opinions. Meetings might be a waste of time if not properly managed. They might turn to be too long, ineffective, not results-oriented, or vague and directionless. Moreover, it is commonly known that “meetings are management in action” because they demonstrate either a managerial competence of the leader (host) or its shortage. Leaders are evaluated by their subordinates with respect to credibility, competence, intelligence and a general personality by the way they conduct meetings. 


This highly practical and interactive workshop walks the participants through main features of the successful and effective meetings. Participants will be asked to organize and conduct specific types of the meetings by the agreed standards.

Apart from defining the purpose, developing the agenda, involving the right people, a major part of the workshop will be focused on making everybody involved and contributing to the final result of the meeting. A role of the meeting host and the techniques applied to make the meeting effective are a core of the course. We use a globally recognized system for activating various ways of thinking and communicating to ensure all meeting participants have their voice in the discussion. We wear different hats to tackle, analyze and discuss topics from various angles.


  • Discover and apply Six Thinking Hats ® for group discussions and individual thinking
  • Differentiate among various types of meetings
  • Understand what constitutes a successful meeting
  • Plan and communicate for a productive discussion
  • Practice skills to lead an effective meeting
  • Learn how to facilitate every participant involvement
  • Follow up with a structured approach


The course is designed specifically for Managers, Leaders, Project Managers who want to lead highly effective meetings. 




9:00-12:00   Morning session                

  • Various types of meetings and their structure
  • Meetings success factors
  • Principles for various roles   

13:00-17:00  Afternoon Session

  • Six Thinking Hats ®
  • Discussions with roles (role plays) – Six Thinking Hats ®



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