How to better engage with Government for good Branding

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Governments’ supervision of enterprises is part of the planning and control of the society for the smooth operation of the economy. In any country, it is the law and the government that balance between the development of the enterprise and the interests of the public.


Therefore, when foreign enterprises are operating in China, it is inevitable to maintain good relationship with the relevant government management departments. At the same time, we must fully understand the mainstream values and political positions, so as to ensure political correctness in the commercial propaganda of enterprises.

China has a unique market, which are state-owned enterprises. State-owned enterprises represent a huge market value. For foreign companies, knowing policies, understanding politics, and learning how to cooperate with relevant government are not only the inevitable work to ensure the smooth operation of enterprises, but also to open new business opportunities.

Although there are still many companies that only set up the marketing department, without public relations department, not to mention government affairs department, more and more enterprises have already understood the necessity of government relations for enterprise development. Besides establishment, site selection, approval, supervision, authorization, marketing, content promotion, product quality, etc., where government relations are involved, public affairs crisis often rise together with government affairs.

Government relations is a formal and professional field, and it is not a "metaphysics". It is a subdivision between public relations, communication studies and crisis public relations. It can be done through planning and management as well as specific implementation.



  1. Help companies to recognize some practical solutions in government relations;
  2. Learn practical skills;
  3. Improve communication skills with relevant industry regulatory authorities;
  4. Help companies to promote government affairs more specifically.



Section 1: Learn to analyze government information in public opinions.

  • The public opinion crisis spreads rapidly, and speech management is crucial
  • People’s Daily still leads the public opinions in the new media era
  • Mainstream public opinion is both open and rigorous
  • The role of government in corporate public relation crisis

Section 2: Government Relations Are Essential for Corporate

  • Be good at using comprehensive means to improve communication and understanding with the government
  • Understand the key points of government work and meet the needs of enterprises
  • The crucial point of government relations
  • Case study: Government relations

Section 3: Effective Corporate Communication Objectives for Corporate Compliance

  • Identify the relevant authorities and understand the duties of the authorities
  • Identify the relevant government associations and understand the relationship between the association and the company
  • Clarify government media
  • Identify local government authorities

Section 4: Government relations are a part of the company's public opinion crisis that cannot be ignored.

  • Government regulations hide behind corporate public opinion crisis
  • Promotion and characterization of government media in corporate public opinion crisis
  • The government regulatory treatment of the public opinion crisis triggered by the Advertising Law

Section 5 Make good use of government relations and enhance corporate brand

  • The combination of government public relations and media communication
  • Deep understanding of associations and cooperation methods
  • Communication initiative
  • Learning routinization
  • Association deepening
  • Media communication
  • Cooperation between foreign companies in the vertical sector and industry regulators



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