Data Management and Application in Enterprises

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Make fast, informed decisions to drive your business forward.



Data increasingly is seen as a corporate asset that can be used to make more-informed business decisions, improve marketing campaigns, optimize business operations and reduce costs, all with the goal of increasing revenue and profits.  This alone should be enough reason for company boards in all sectors of business to place data management high on their agendas.


-Who wishes to bring innovative thinking into their workplace and management system

-Experienced managers who want to move into top management, like Marketing Managers or Directors, Senior Operations Managers and Directors, Senior Executives, Business Owners, etc.


1. Enterprise excellence stems from data management

-Why data management is the priority in business administration?

-Data management for enterprises of excellence

-How to carry out data management in the era of digitalization?

-How to digitalize daily work?

-How to implement a digital approach in decision-making?

2. Methodology and applications in data management

-Digitization of managerial goals and indicators’ decomposition

-Digitization and analytic forecasting of clients’ needs

-Digitization and lean management of project delivery

-Digitization and effective improvement of quality management

-Digitization and demonstration of managerial report’s requirements

3. Technological infrastructure of datamanagement

-Common statistics and their meaning in statistical analysis

-Commonly used graphical representation in data statistics

-Quantitative computational model and calculation formula

-Numerical analysis and estimation following data analysis

-Dos and don’ts in day-to-day data management

4. Tool application for data management

-Relevance tool: dispersal chart regression method

-Analytic tools: histogram control chart

-Predictive tools: time series analysis

-Decision-making tools: Plato matrix diagram


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