Advanced Costs Reduction Tools

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Learning Goals

Following this module, participants will be able to:

  • Lead functional analysis cessions for product and services by using standard methodology.
  • Understand principles for Value analysis and its application to Dfx (design for X) optimization workshops.
  • Differentiate fundamental product cost elements linked to the financial income statement.
  • Understand cost element drivers and impact on product cost.
  • Create  product  or  service  should  cost  supporting  suppliers cost breakdown analysis.
  • Apply methodology to develop structured TCO model with key parameters and cost drivers.
  • Develop a supplier engagement plan or cost reduction supported by in depth analysis of product cost elements.


Day 1

Functional definition of requirement: a tool to  better  understand  the  real  needs  and avoid over specification.

  • Concept of functions and functional specification.
  • Understand when to use it.
  • Step by step approach to build up a functional specification.
  • Application to various situations: products, systems and services.
  • Using  the  functional  approach  to  support  the purchasing strategy.

Value analysis: a redesign to cost approach

  • From cost reduction to value management.
  • Value analysis work-plan and conditions for successful implementation.
  • Understand how to assess the value of the existing solution (importance of functions and benefit versus cost).
  • Make a diagnosis of the design of a product using value analysis tools.
  • Seek innovative solutions through brainstorming and other techniques.
  • How purchasing can initiate and support value analysis projects.

Day 2

Cost analysis & tool set

  • Understand cost structures and the key items in a cost breakdown.
  • How  to  challenge  suppliers’  cost  breakdowns: machine cost, labor cost, material cost, overheads, and margin.
  • What are the most frequent “mistakes” found in suppliers quotations?
  • Challenge supplier operations.

Day 3

TCO ( total cost of ownership )

  • What is TCO  in real life.
  • TCO example.
  • TCO cost drivers and application to products or services.


Target Group

  • Technical buyers with technical background or culture involved in leading cost reduction activities.
  • Other  buyers  willing  to  understand  the  cost  drivers  of  their company as well as with their suppliers in order to identify and take advantage of saving opportunities.

Methods and Tools

  • Each  trainee  will  be  given  a  handbook  containing  reusable templates used for the different tools.
  • A master document will present each technique as seen during the training session.
  • All  tools  and  techniques  are  presented  in  a  simplified  and reusable way and illustrated by real application examples taken from various industries, including the most demanding ones (automotive, food, household...).


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