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EQ or Emotional Intelligence is about being able to listen well, to motivate and to inspire others, to control your reactions, and to build up strong relationships in a productive and healthy way.
Studies have shown that a high emotional quotient (or EQ) boosts career success, entrepreneurial potential, leadership talent, health, relationship satisfaction, humor, and happiness. It is also the best antidote to work stress.
This training will help you to manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

情商是一种能够聆听理解, 激励和影响他人并控制自己反应的一种能力, 最终能健康而有效地提升自己的人际关系和工作表现。
研究表明, 高情商(EQ)能促进事业成功, 激发创业潜力, 提高领导力, 提升健康状态, 提高人际关系满意度, 幽默感和幸福感。它也是缓解工作压力的最好方法。
这个培训将帮助你以积极的方式管理自己的情绪, 缓解压力, 有效沟通, 增强同理心, 克服挑战,化解冲突。


目标/收益 Objectives& Benefits      


1. Emotion: Identify and manage your own and others’ emotions
2. Relationships: Keep your anger and anxiety under control/ Show more empathy for others/ Improve your listening skill
3. Motivation:Keep a positive attitude in the changeable VUCA era. Promote your adversity quotient, keep your spirit in adversity, improve your mind and strength constantly.
4. Empathy: to bring more happiness to the people around, have more positive energy, have good social skills, can build up empathy for the people and things around.
5. Happiness: Better psychological well-being with higher life satisfaction, self-esteem and lower levels of depression
6. Working Way: Better understanding of oneself, and to make conscious decisions based on the combination of emotion and rationale.
7. Leadership skill:Managing relationships to enhance your influence power
8. Get your EQ test results, feedback and suggestions from LBI


1. 情绪:识别和管理自己和他人的情绪。
2. 关系:控制你的愤怒和焦虑 / 拥有并展现更多同理心/ 提升聆听的能力。
3. 自我激励:在多变的VUCA时代中保持积极正面的心态。提升自己的逆商,在逆境中保持理智,合理进行全脑时间管理,不断提升自己的心智与实力。
4. 人际关系:为周边人带来更多的快乐,拥有更多的正能量,具备良好的社交能力,能

5. 幸福感:提升心理健康,拥有更高的生活满意度和自我认同感,降低负能量水平。
6. 工作方法:更好地了解自己, 并结合感性与理性的认知做出自己真正满意的决定。
7. 领导力技能:管理人际关系, 增加你对他人的影响力、引导力和领导力。

7. 沟通社交技能:提升自己与人沟通的能力,提升自己的双赢思维能力与谈判能力。
8. 得到你的情商测试结果和来自LBI的反馈建议


大纲  Outline    


1. Introduction & share your training expectation
2. How does Emotional intelligence affect the decisions and actions of my brain?
3. How does Emotion affect my attitude and behavior? - Identify the daily operations that are affected by EQ
4. 5 key points of Emotional intelligence - know about your emotion, manage your emotion, motivation, know about the others’ emotion, relationships
5. Role play and practice your EQ with several scenarios EQ
6. Tips for continuously enhancing trainees’ EQ competency
7. Conclusion, takeaways and action plan


1. 开场: 分享你的培训期望
2. 情商是如何影响我的大脑决定和行为的?
3. 情绪如何影响我的态度和行为? *识别被情商影响了的日常活动
4. 情商的5个关键因素 - 了解你的情绪,管理你的情绪和动机,了解别人的情绪和人际关系
5. 角色扮演:不同场景下的情商挑战
6. 持续提升学员情商的技能
7. 总结,收获和行动计划


1. Understand my communication behavior style and understand other people's communication styles
2. Get to know several styles of communication behavior
3. Learn how to design efficient communication strategies for different people
4. Role play with several communication scenarios
5. Adding EQ tools to your communication strategy
6. Role play with several communication scenarios
7. Conclusion, takeaways and action plan


1.  了解自己的沟通行为风格,了解他人的沟通风格
2.  查看其他类型的沟通行为
3.  学习如何针对不同风格的人设计有效的沟通策略
4.  角色扮演:不同场景下的沟通演练
5.  情商工具沟通技巧工具大联合
6.  角色扮演:不同场景下的情商沟通力演练
7.  总结,收获和行动计划


引导风格 Facilitating Style


Through real examples, case study, role play and tools, this training will allow you to increase your EQ skills and communication influence. Your management and communication will be more powerful, and at the same time, to enhance your feeling of happiness.




建议参与者  Suggested participants


-Manager, Functional Manager, Project Manager, Human resources, Entrepreneurs, New employees
-People who want to improve their influence of management, communication and happiness





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