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  • 千禧一代员工怎样才能被激励?
  • 怎样才能提升千禧一代员工的敬业度?
  • 用什么工具才能更有效的管理千禧一代?
  • 千禧一代心里究竟在想什么?


  • 怎么才能使我的团队配合我的工作?
  • 如何提升我的个人影响力?
  • 如何引领和管理一场变革?
  • 怎么样才能使我的下属更有动力的努力工作?
  • 如何更好的授权和分配任何指标?


In the leadership of the Millennial generation, the Millennial generation refers to the generation born from early 1980’s. The birth of this generation is accompanied by the rise of mobile phones, computers, tablets, the Internet and other emerging things, as well as with the emergence of various changes, it can be said to be a new generation of human beings.

Have you ever encountered the following problems:

If you have Millennial employees on your team:

  • How can Millennial employees be motivated?
  • How can we improve the engagement of millennial employees?
  • What tools can we use to manage the Millennial generation more effectively?
  • What is the Millennial generation thinking about?
  • How can I develop my successors in my team?

If you are a new leader or leader for the Millennial generation:

  • How can I get my team to work with me?
  • How to enhance my personal influence?
  • How to lead and manage a change?
  • How can I motivate my subordinates to work harder?
  • How to authorize and distribute any indicators better?

Whatever the above problems you have encountered, whether you are a Millennial or not, this learning experience will help you to solve problems, to get more effective tools, to lead your team to win more challenges, and help you to become a more outstanding Millennial leader.


  1. 更新您的领导力和管理方法,与千禧一代更好合作
  2. 从领导力、管理工具、情商3个维度进行更好的平衡自己的领导力风格和管理方式方法
  3. 使您能够在这个易变的、不确定的、复杂的、模糊的VUCA时代环境下,领导一支高敏捷度和自我学习能力的卓越千禧一代团队
  4. 使您作为一个领导者或储备干部,能够为自己赢得更多的快乐和快速发展
  5. 使您能够开发一个具有继任者和不同人才类型的团队
  6. 提高领导管理的灵活性和易变性,更加成功地领导变革管理项目
  7. 增强你的领导力影响力
  8. 提高团队的幸福感和敬业度
  9. 提高你的情商管理能力
  1. Update your leadership and management methodologies to work with millennial.
  2. Balance your leadership style and management methods from three dimensions: leadership, management tools and EQ.
  3. Enable you to lead a excellent millennial team in VUCA world with agility and self-learning competence.
  4. Enable you to win more happiness and rapid development for yourself as a leader or as potential leader.
  5. Enable you develop a team with successors and different profiles of talents.
  6. Increase your leading management agility and flexibility to better lead the changes of management projects.
  7. Increase your leadership influential power.
  8. Increase the happiness level and engagement rate in your team.
  9. Increase your ability of EQ management.


1. 领导者与管理者

  • 发现X一代,千禧一代和Z一代的差异
  • 发现领导与管理的相对差异
  • 发现通过这两种方法的结合应用,可以极大地提高工作的幸福水平和效率。
  • 了解领导力如何影响组织绩效
  • 了解领导如何在新时代千禧一代管理中发挥重要作用

2. 团队心理安全-价值观管理

  • 探索让“团队心理安全”发生的更快更持久的方法
  • 团队的价值观管理
  • 找到我的声音
  • 做真实的自己
  • 使你的团队成员公平竞争
  • 提升团队成员主观能动性
  • 体验一下
  • 练习一下
  • 提问与反馈

3. 愿景管理

  • 了解愿景是什么,以及它如何影响结果
  • 愿景如何帮助我们引导团队行动
  • 为什么我的团队需要属于自己的团队与个人的愿景
  • 探讨公司愿景与个人愿景的关系
  • 体验一下
  • 练习一下
  • 提问与反馈

4. 引领变革管理

  • 什么是变革管理?为什么会发生变革?
  • 寻找/确认变革机会点的工具
  • 变更管理的流程
  • 使得变更管理效果最大化的工具
  • 体验一下
  • 练习一下
  • 提问与反馈

5. 赋能与建立自主学习型敏捷组织

  • 在工作和家庭中,赋能是如何发生的?
  • 了解影响你赋能的障碍
  • 创建一个工作流程,让人们获得赋能
  • 在赋能的同时建立一支自主学习型团队
  • 教练技巧:助力你实现赋能和建立自主学习型团队
  • 体验一下
  • 练习一下
  • 提问与反馈

6. 激励团队

  • 了解我们是如何在日常生活中得到激励的
  • 了解如何通过激励改变一个团队
  • 知道不同的激励方式
  • 设计一种个性化的方式来激励你的团队和你自己
  • 体验一下
  • 练习一下
  • 提问与反馈

7. 感受和行动计划

  • 回顾你的期望
  • 记录你的感受和行动计划
  • 分享你的感受和行动计划
  • 提问与反馈
  • 认证和庆祝

1. Leadership v.s. management

  • discovery of the difference of X generation, millennials and Z generation
  • discovery of the comparatively difference of leadership and management
  • discovery of how to improve working happiness level and efficiency tremendously through combining and applying two methodologies
  • know how the leadership influences the organizational performance
  • know how the leadership plays an important role in new era millennial management

2. Team psychology safety - Value management

  • discover the way to make the “psychology safety” happen faster and to last longer
  • find my voice
  • be authentic and be appreciated
  • lead a fair game in your team
  • enable the fundamental of autonomous team
  • Take an experience
  • Take a practice
  • Question and feedback

3. Vision management

  • Understand what a vision is and how it could impact on the result
  • The essence of a vision with a leading function
  • Explore the relationship between company vision and personal vision
  • Why my team needs a unique team and an individual vision
  • The relationship between company vision and individual vision
  • Take an experience
  • Take a practice
  • Question and feedback

4. Lead a change

  • What is the change and why the changes happen
  • The tools of finding / confirming changing opportunity
  • The processes of change management
  • The tools that can be used to capitalize the effect of change management
  • Take an experience
  • Take a practice
  • Question and feedback

5. Empowerment of people & Initiative learning in agile organization

  • How is empowerment happening in working and family scenarios
  • Know the obstacles of your empowerment of people
  • Create a working process that allows people to be empowered
  • Build an self-learning organization during the process of empowerment of people
  • Coaching attitude as a supporting tool for self-learning organization and empowerment of people
  • Take an experience
  • Take a practice
  • Question and feedback

6. Encourage the Millennial team and individuals

  • Know how we get encouragement in daily life
  • How encouragement could change the team
  • Know the different ways of offering encouragement
  • Define a personalized way to encourage your employee including yourself
  • Take an experience
  • Take a practice
  • Question and feedback

7. Feelings and action plans

  • Review your expectation
  • Record your feeling and action plans
  • Share your feelings and action plans
  • Process of feedback
  • Certification and celebration



  • 团队中有千禧一代的管理者
  • 千禧一代储备干部/ 千禧一代管理培训生
  • 新晋领导人
  • 人力资源负责人
  • 希望提升自己领导力的人
  • 创业者
  • 想要提升自己影响力的领导者

* suggested participants:

  • Leaders, Managers, New Managers, HR, Startup owners
  • Leaders who want to improve their influential power




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  2. Send your registration form to Training Team : sh-training(@)ccifc.org


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