Our Board of Sponsors

The Chamber’s Board of Sponsors attracts companies that want to play an active role in the French business community in China. In exchange for their support of the Chamber’s activities they benefit from exclusive advantages and systematic visibility at all Chamber events and on all their media channels.

In 2016, the Board of Sponsors comprised 60 companies ranging from big corporations to successful French SMEs working in China. These companies play an important role in heading up the most influential French business network in China.

The companies of our Board of Sponsors are exclusively invited to take part to all the luncheons and dinners we organize for our Sino-French Business club, gathering top level management from French and Chinese companies. 


Dominique Pouliquen, China President, Alstom

"Alstom is pleased to be part of the CCIFC Board of Sponsors, which is a joined opportunity to share on our challenges in China, to learn from each-others, and best assess how we can build our future. Over the last years, China has so much changed and will continue to change over the coming years, hence the CCIFC Board of Sponsors is a platform to enhance our present and future positioning in China, but to extend our vision to international collaboration as well.  Looking forward to successfully shaping our French-China partnership” (Beijing, in 2014).

For more information please contact us:

Email :des-brest.antoine@ccifc.org

Email : zhang.qi@ccifc.org

Tél. : +86 (10) 6461 0260

Delphine YAO
Email: yao.delphine@ccifc.org 
Tel : +86 (21) 6132 7100

Marion XIANG
Email: xiang.marion@ccifc.org
Tel : +86 (20) 2916 5536