[Training] Personal productivity coaching program

April 11, 2018

South China - Guangzhou


Objective 课程目标

The course aims at developing people into leaders who can excel in all aspects of leadership. The program combines leadership theory and plan of action, which help people focus on self-growth and increase presonal productivity. There are other objectives: evaluating attitude and making productive behavioral change, setting goals and chieve results, increasing productivity through controlling priorities, dealing with interruptions, communicating more effectively and becoming a team player.

本课程目的是帮助个人发展成为全方位的领导人。课程结合领导力的理念和落地的行动计划,帮助提升个人的自我成长及生产力的提高。 此外,本课程旨在培养的能力还包括:生产力自我评估并激励态度行为进一步改变,目标设定和达成,通过控制优先顺序提高生产力,有效处理干扰,高效沟通以及成为团队的共舞者。

Who should attend? 合适人群

Professionals of all levels who want to improve their personal productivityand leadership


Course outline 课程大纲

Day 1

1. The nature of productivity

  • What is productivity?
  • The key resource for increasing productivity
  • Identify and using high payoff activities
  • Establish a base line for productivity
  • The rewards of improving productivity

2. Productivity Through Goals Achievement

  • Have a positive self-image
  • Find time to plan and goal-setting
  • Track and feedback
  • Put affirmation and visualization into practice

Day 2

1. Increase productivity through managing priorities

  • Set priorities for each day
  • Maintain focus by limiting interruptions
  • Protect your productivity by saying “No”

2. Improve productivity through communication

  • Master communication skills
  • The role of empathy in communication
  • How behavior affects communication

Day 3

1. Empowering the Team for Peak Performance

  • Benefits of empowerment
  • Empower different generations
  • Develope team players through delegation

2. Increasing productivity of the Team

  • Create a learning environment
  • Develope and Coach self-directed work teams
  • Develope people to be their best 


1. 生产力的本质

  • 何谓生产力?
  • 时间---绩效提升的关键资源
  • 找出并进行高回报活动
  • 建立生产力的基准
  • 提高生产力的益处

2. 通过达成目标提升生产力

  • 拥有积极的自我形象
  • 安排时间进行计划与目标设定
  • 追踪与反馈
  • 自我肯定与具像化


1. 通过管理优先顺序提高生产力

  • 为每一天设定优先顺序
  • 通过限制干扰保持专注
  • 通过说“不”确保你的生产力

2. 通过沟通提高生产力

  • 掌握沟通的技巧
  • 同理心在沟通中的作用
  • 行为习惯如何影响沟通


1. 授权团队以达成最佳绩效

  • 授权的好处
  • 对不同年代人的授权
  • 通过授权发展团队成员

2. 提高团队的生产力

  • 创造学习型的工作环境
  • 培养并辅导自主工作团队
  • 帮助员工成为最好的自己

Facilitator 讲师介绍

 Ms. Crystal LI

Crystal Li is currently certified coach at the Leadership Management International (LMI) and the member of International Coach Federation (ICF ).
As a HR practitioner, Crystal in her 22-year career in human resources served world-wide Top 500 well-known enterprises.  Moreover, she has a fully understanding of company business strategy and mostly focus on talent retain & career development management, successor planning and performance appraisal, etc.
Crystal completed the internationally recognized DISC certification and the certification in how NASA builds teams.

Crystal 目前是领导管理研究中心的授牌讲师,同时是国际教练联合会的成员。


Information 课程信息

日期  Date:

11-13 April, 2018

时间 Time:
9:30a.m. > 5:30p.m.

费用* Fee :
会员价 member: 5,000 RMB/人
非会员价 non-member: 5,500 RMB/人
* 含会务费、资料费、午餐费及增值税. 
 Price includes VAT, course materials and lunch. 

报名截止日期  Limit day:
4 April 2018

培训证书 Certification:
Completion Certificate is provided.

地点  Venue:
Guangzhou (To be confirmed) 

培训语言 Language:

Inscription 报名:

Please send your name, mobile phone number, company's name and your title by email to:




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